Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cherry Bomb...just be cool.

I was having a conversation last week with a friend of mine named John. I have no clue why I began with that sentence...that was some weak ass shit…oh well...John and I were talking about the new movie The Social Network. Now I could pontificate all day on the general importance of this generation defining film...but I'll let the pros pump out that smoke...John summed up one layer of the films psychological take on the generation with a line almost borrowed from the movie itself. "Stuff just has to be cool". Well said Mr. Champlain (your cover is blown). So John works with the Wake Forest band, in fact he was previously the Drum Major.
This is not John...but oh how I wish it was. The band has been playing Don’t Stop Believing at some point during games...the idea being that the crowd would catch on and play the part singer ...this could be cool. This could be a vaguely plotted idea that goes totally organic...and in 15 years its part of Wake Forest simply IS...because it was COOL. But some fucking asshole from Wake decides to announce over the PA something I imagine went like this "Hey there dadios and diva down your facebook pods and get your sing along done…er...on... with this roof off! Yes let's sing along with the band!" And just like that...its not cool. Don't tell us what to do. Don't act like you know what we want to do. Because the fact is we don't....we don't till it just IS. We know we want something...We know we want more...We know we don’t like something that's hard to put our finger on....But we know it when it comes along. Just like facebook (author's opinion withstanding)...being born from a dork programmer ranting about his girlfriends the largest collection of human data EVER.

Talk about a long fucking segway...

Slims is cool because its Slims, The Jackpot is/was (when is that place fucking closing?) cool because its the Jackpot, and Mo Joes is cool because its Mo Joes, etc, etc....

Cherry Bomb does a few things very well. The chefs (Scotty No Sauce Schabot and Over Easy Keith Calise) can cook, this is pretty rare for this cuisine style...working a fryer doesn’t mean you can cook. The rollout of the food & menu mix, are some of the smoothest I've seen at a new restaurant in a long time....and I’ve seen a lot. There are obviously a few items that need work...but the best 2 burgers IN RALEIGH...and that’s not a typo (although my writing does...I’m well aware)...are on this menu right NOW. (Note: I haven't had the lunch burger at J Betskis I may have to revisit this after Tuesday) And they also happen to be the only two burgers I've had at Cherry Bomb...and they aren’t even grinding their own meat yet....when that happens I assume a dragon will attack the four useless towers in city plaza (what the fuck are they doing exactly?) and a mutant mastodon will defend our lives kinda like Gammera.

(Insert any ex girlfriend joke you want here)

I actually stopped by this morning on the way to brunch at Humble Pie, Scott flagged me down and offered up the following as opposed to whatever I was going to have:

Shaved corned beef, pumpkin, red potato hash, topped with a runny fried egg, and a tangy mustard drizzle. Fuck yes...I'll have four and a cigarette afterward....and a tiny, Asian woman to groom me when I'm finished with it.

It was spectacular....because Scott can cook. So can Keith. The guys may have a few holes just like all of us do...but they CAN COOK. I harp on this because people in Raleigh spend more time worrying about either being seen on a fucking patio or pretending a bunch of shit food is tasty than anywhere I've ever seen. And I've lived in Charlotte....and that place is full of college kids, bankers, and all other sorts of retards. I'm not saying NO ONE in Raleigh has taste...the opposite it actually true...this town knows how to enjoy good food and REALLY enjoy good spirits...but that is a discussion for another time.

Cherry Bomb makes the mistake that we just laid out above. They shove terrible service, poorly trained bartenders, a draft list that looks like an abortion, and a bunch of half assed attempts to be rockabilly joint down our a package BUILT to be cool.

It looks like a bunch of old white guys got together with whoever the fuck decided to broadcast a bunch of bullshit sing along directions at a Wake Forest football game, and draw a picture of what someone would like if they were into those kinds of bar/restaurants. I feel like I'm watching the head bangers ball as directed by Steven Spielberg...starring Shia LaBeouf. It's not cool. It's not cool because its trying to hard... It's time to just be.

No more rock bands on the weekend that my dad would really enjoy...playing Doobie Brothers Covers.

No more staff looking like they got dressed in a hookers closet...unless she's a hooker with taste.

No more beer list nightmares...organize, pick good beer, and train your staff.

Just be cool guys....

As for you dear readers...Please eat here...the food is VERY good. The chefs have talent, and if you don't like something... I guarantee very few work the floor as often as these guys...because they care. Let's hope whoever makes calls around there starts helping the heavy lifters do the heavy lifting.

Catch you on the flip side Raleigh.
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